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resources, take two

List of resources where I had used their graphics in either icons or in a layout, same goes with pictures. More resources can be found here. Be warned, some links listed here are dead but I have no intention of removing them.

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If you feel that I left a person/website out or uncredited, then please comment below and provide me with the correct link. For the rest of my resources, click here: images, patterns, tutorials & textures, psds, brushes. Thanks!
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Naruto CH397 bases; SPOILERS!!

37 Naruto bases from the most recent chapter, 397.

SPOILERS are in this post, please do not proceed if you're not up-to-date or do not wish to be spoiled. ♫

These previews are not meant to be spoilers. I've chosen the most ... generic? previews I could out of this chapter. Hopefully they aren't too revealing? :D

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